Luxury villa with highest standards for sale on CORFU island - GREECE

The latest design of technical equipment and services for an exceptional comfort and easy life.

 Some  more  technical  datas :


- FO central heating, mixed with heating floor  ( at ground level ) and radiators ( Viessmann boiler and Rehau floor ).
 - Sanitary hot water produced  by solar pannels.
--  Electronic heat regulation Honeywell at each floor and  in addition regulation by thermostat on each radiator.
- Built-in central airconditionning Daikin Multiplus system ( Reversible cold/hot air ).
- Septic tank 14 m3, grease tank 300 liters, sump.
- Built-in TV antenna and satellite ( Astra ) cables ( 7 plugs for each  ).
- Telephon at each level, ADSL 20 Mbs  connection.

- Sanitary Villeroy & Boch, taps Grohe, Rehau  plastic water piping network.

- Electricity fully cabled and built-in floor. Power main feed cables underground. - Built-in audio hi-fi cable to mezzanine - Built-in cooking feed gas pipe.
- All  copper rain guttering and down pipes.
- Pool tiled with vitreous glass mosaic 2 X 2 cm jointed with epoxy resin.
- All window-ledges and door-sills in marble.
- There is an incline access  from garage to main entrance which could be used for an handicaped person.
- Electric garage door.
- Interphone between house and main entrance gate.
- Electric rolling shutters at main bedrooms windows.
- All bathrooms and WC with windows, WC separated from bathrooms.
Exceptional insulation of the construction :
- The house is protected against any dampness from ground because built on a spacious empty sanitary space constituted by partitioned tanks in concrete of 3 m height above   the foundations   ( Villa and pool, built according  anti-seismic regulation , required a total of 1.000 m3 of reinforced concrete, including all greek columns which are part of the structure ! ).
Basement floor insulated 3 cm. Basement walls insulated 3 cm, double glazing  ( 6-10-4 ).
- Ground floor and upper floor walls insulated  10 cm, double glazing ( 6-10-4).
- Upper floor ceiling insulated 4 cm plus 10 cm under roof.
- Master bedrooms external walls and ceiling are in addition  sound proof  with 4 cm rock-wool.
- Pool bottom insulated 4 cm.
Ingenious and elaborate water distribution network :
- The property dispose of free good water in quantities from its own well-drilling ( Water pumped out at minus 45 m depth ) and in addition collect rain waters from roof and terraces   with big storage in sub-basement  ( 7 concrete tanks for a total capacity of 300 m3 ).
- There is a complete intercommunication between these tanks, the pool and the house as well as garden supply network.
- The house water supply can be made from  3 distinct pumps with manifold valves allowing a mixing at  will of drill and rain waters in view to obtain a good water softness
  ( Corfu water being extremely hard ). 
- The well water is  filtered and sterilized by UV  for possible bacteries and is drinkable.
- Many water valves in all the park and garden .
- Important drop-by-drop piping network on the whole property.




The villa clinging to hillside


The North facade





Either from the living ...


or from the dining rooms


 ...  Everywhere standing there is an unobstructed view on the imposing panorama :



From the mezzanine or


 ... from the sun terrace





... or from the


upper garden